Shenzhen Xuanhu

5G module(49)
4G module(187)
3G module(0)
2G module(20)
LPWA module(50)
Wi-fi module(27)
GNSS module(52)
LTE-A module(11)
Discrete semiconductor products(1407)
components and parts(7625)
Digital isolator (1)(1)
8-bit MCU SCM(198)
32-bit MCU microcontroller(158)
DSP Digital Signal Processor(15)
Other microprocessors(206)
ISM Wireless Chip(6)
RF detector(13)
RF Amplifier(7)
RF mixer(8)
RF Other ICs and Modules(61)
Voltage level converter(219)
Clock Generator/PLL Frequency Synthesizer(27)
Clock Buffer/Driver(13)
digital isolator(110)
Isolated grid driver(19)
Temperature sensor(87)
IMU motion sensor(12)
linear regulator and LDO(1251)
Voltage reference chip(246)
Power Monitor and Reset Chip(204)
Battery Meter Chip(10)
RMS to DC Converter(10)
V/F and F/V Converters(2)
Power Controller/Monitor(116)
LED Backlight/Lighting/Display Power Supply(201)
DC/DC Switch Converter(977)
Charge Pump(45)
analog-to-digital converter (ADC)(225)
Digital-to-analog converter (DAC)(145)
Analog Front End (AFE)(7)
Digital potentiometer(12)
Hybrid Converter (ADCs+DAC)(20)
Audio operational amplifier(8)
Audio signal processor(3)
Video amplifier(1)
Comparator comparator(109)
General amplifier(500)
JFET input amplifier(39)
Precision amplifier(102)
Instrument amplifier(205)
Current detection amplifier(45)
Analog Switch Chip(321)
Multiplex chip(88)
RS485/RS422/RS232/RS562 Transceiver(210)
Sensor and Detector Interface Chip(18)
Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer(8)
Interface (Driver/Receiver/Transceiver)(214)
Special purpose amplifier(11)
RF attenuator(18)
Audio and video special IC(2)
Standard Transceiver(284)
Touch screen controller(3)
Development/Evaluation/Validation Board(76)